Bitcoin and the August 1st Deadline – What It Is and How to Prepare.

August 1st marks a very important deadline in the Bitcoin network with a possible “Fork” or “chain split” in the Bitcoin Blockchain being discussed.

In the following video, George Levy, Chief Learning Officer for Blockchain Institute of Technology describes what could potentially happen on that date and what steps you should take to protect yourself from unnecessary risk as well as capitalize on available opportunities triggered by a Fork in Bitcoin.

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Image credit: BTC Keychain

George Levy

George Levy is Chief Learning Officer for Blockchain Institute of Technology (BIT) and a co-founder of Bitsonline. Blockchain Institute of Technology (BIT) is one of the world’s leading Blockchain technology training providers. BIT partners with companies and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and certification that helps professionals reach their goals. George is an award-winning digital entrepreneur, Certified Senior Blockchain Professional (CSBCP) and Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) expert on Blockchain technology, and was a co-founder of a leading Internet portal acquired by Microsoft. Follow George on Twitter @georgelevy and @blockchaininfos

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